вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Game Of Skate

Yesterday NBG rose in the eS Game Of Skate with far too many participants. The whole thing took place within the framework of the TX Live In A Dive Festival, where even at 35 ° C, the Snowboard Rail Session to see was, and then the evening concert with Sick Of It All. The snowboarders may be said that even the shabbiest circus clowns feeling more style than the birds! Ungeläuberlich!

The Game Of Skate lasted from about 15 pm to 21 pm also six hours! ! ! ! No idea how many more starter, but definitely too many! The finale was very very exciting. The end result, I believe, of the four finalists, each with three S.K.A.T. ! Michi clarified the whole, and then the 500 checkte Tacken, plus the ticket to the finals in Cologne, Germany. This has probably Michi times Mr. Shadow who demonstrated in the pants to NBG, and still be in front of hundreds of people!

Fairly geiles event with a good mood. BUT. The music of DJ brain damage was so damn loud, sucks. I got a nice sunstroke fetched, which is why I also, unfortunately, right after the finals disappeared am (after Kotzen on the parking lot of Ilja in my car heimkutschiert). If I say to myself already that I no longer can drive me there must be real dirty. Fuck, the concert I would really like views, especially with the nice TX tapes ...
Clippers should the days until the middle of the week.

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